Game of Thrones: In the Shadows Embrace

Episode 5: The "Glowing Fear"

The group takes the time to rest after a long ride, with the insistence of the young monk Lance. Resper is not pleased but agrees as Hero pledges for the young Lord.

A gloomy morning greets our young lords. Many citizens are milling around different tents with the intent that their chores be done before the day fully begins.

Lance, wakes up early in the morning as he has done countless times in the monastery. His prayers were always his source of strength. He clears a small area in his tent and begins his morning ritual. Lance prayed and but his thoughts were some where else entirely. In his thoughts were the accounts of the past few days, especially the event the night before. He knew nothing of military strategies, or of war itself but he knew about hunger, of thirst and of the hurts of the body and especially the mind. His thoughts were plagued with the face of Resper and the displeasure the big man showed him. Lance’s prayers were eventually, affected. Not being able to concentrate, the energies that fuelled him came up in a strong rush that he was not able to contain it. The energy left his body shaking. And unknowing to Lance Lord Garth Black enters his tent. The keeper of Blackhaven finds the monk quivering on the floor and seeing a strange luminance leave his body.

Lord Black reminds the boy that “Magic” is a beautiful and strange gift that many may not understand. And worse may create a discomfort that borders into hatred.
With those words Lord Garth invites Lance to a small morning fast.

The two are greeted with Hero and Umbron. They all gather around a small table. Small talk is customary and thus Lord Black, Hero and Umbron move quickly to make discussions. As the topics are slowly wilting down, Lord Black looks at Lance, who seems to be quite through out the exchange, and asks about the young lords experience. Hesitantly, Lance contributes the story of how he was found and how he ended up in the monastery and eventually into House Arryn. Lord Black’s eyes open with recognition. He mentions of a Maester Warren and a Garland Stark, who are connected to Lance’s father. Both whom are known men in their own right. It seems to be a surprise to Lance that Lord Garth knows a rather lot about House Arryn and particularly about him.

Later, in the afternoon Ankrauser leaves his tent in search for his bigger cousin. He means to go over the plans on that night’s sortie. He finds Resper, stark naked and stretching out the morning stiffness. The big man smiles broadly with recognition as he ushers his younger cousin into his tent. Inside, Ankrauser finds a sparse surrounding. A chair or two, a rack layed out with Resper’s equipment and a bedding full of fluffy wool and fur. Though what surprises Ankrauser is a beautiful young woman who seems to be about to dress up. The woman looks at Ankrauser gives him a short bow and takes a slower time to don her dress. Resper introduces the young woman as Farah, a lovely young woman he found wondering about while he too wondering about and drunk. He gives her a small tap on the bottom, as he happily narrates his night to Ankrauser. Farah finally finishes and takes her leave. She bows both to Resper and Ankrauser but gives the young man an extra wink.

Resper, takes a bottle beside his bedding and pours his cousin an over flowing cup of sweet summer wine. Ankrauser, accepts and quickly jumps to the reason for him meeting up with Resper. Resper confidently, tells Ankrauser that his plan is solid as the oak tree outside his tent. Though, they would need to meet with the rest to discuss finality of the plans. Ankrauser reminds Resper of the night before and how one of his charges’ decided to go against direct orders. Resper’s smile turns into a frown. He drains his cup and quickly refills it, as he gives Ankrauser an approving nod.

The group finds themselves huddling over the same table the night before. The atmosphere seems to be grimmer than before. Resper takes no time and promptly plots out their approach. He tells them the best way would be to enter from the upper west where there are more houses to mask their entrance into the town. Also, the Temple is nearest that route. With no further objections, the party leaves immediately.

They arrive at the west side of Blackhaven. Resper orders Zerul and Umbron to scout the area. After a few minutes, Zerul returns first and reports no movement. Umbron arrives next. She informs them that she meet some resistance when she entered one of the houses. She had to take her sword and stop a young boy from stabbing her. Green ooze snakes around the tip of Umbron’s short sword.

Resper then tells the group that the best way to the temple is to take a direct route towards it. As, Resper, Hero and Ankrauser walks silently towards the temple. Umbron moves on their left flank while Zerul, accompanied by Lance, takes a longer route on the their right side.

The trio successful arrive at the Temple. They snake their way to the back entrance. Lance and Zerul on the other hand are less fortunate. Lance notices a soft light in one of the houses across the main street. Lance moves silently towards the source of the light. But the road is soft and muddy, thus Lance makes quite a ruckus sloshing through across the street. He finds, a crack on a door and peers in. He sees a small candle, with its light dancing around the house. The young lord watches the light and is surprised to see four pairs of eyes staring back at him. Not wanting to create create more trouble he decides to return to Zerul who is waiting for him across the road. As soon as Lance crosses, two strange men leave the confines of a house between Zerul and Lance. They seem to have heard Lance sloshing about. Lance takes to one corner and tries to avoid one man nearest to Zerul. Though as he turns a corner, he is greeted with another man in his way. Lance quickly reacts and takes the man out. Seeing no alternative, Zerul too moves in towards the man nearest him. The road is too moist, even the softest footsteps will be heard in the dead of night. The man sees Zerul and makes a swing at him, but Zerul in a flash draws his long sword to block the incoming attack. The resounding clashing of steel is heard through out the main street.

Ankrauser, and the others find the back entrance of the Temple open. High pitched screams are heard as they near the entrance. Bright torch light blankets the darkness surrounding the door. Resper, and Hero takes the either side of the first entrance. While Ankrauser and Umbron takes the other. With a resounding roar and a battle cry, “For the Kingdom!”, Resper barges into the temple followed by Hero. Seeing, no other choice Ankrauser screams a battle cry of his own and enters after Resper.

Episode 4: Blackhaven

Resper and the group finally defeats the men who ambushed them. Resper and Hero believes that one of the men is Doren Black, the son of the Keeper of Blackhaven Lord Garth Black. They examined the bodies and found green substance where blood was suppose to flow. Not one of them has ever seen such a thing. They decided to make sure that every single body was burned for the fear that what ever sickness these men had would not spread it into the neighbouring towns.

Resper orders Torres & Ajiron to report back to the Red Keep. They are to tell the King and the Small Court of what has happened in the outskirts of the Kingswood and most certainly in Blackhaven.

They ride hard for 3 1/2 days. Not stopping for food or even to piss. Lance was able to make it but Zerul seemed too tired to even mind his horse. He almost run over Hero as they suddenly stop at a hill overlooking Blackhaven.

At another location Ankrauser is summoned by the King to meet Resper at the outskirts of Blackhaven. He is there to help investigate a strange occurrence that has the whole Red Keep worried. He arrives at Blackhaven but is halted by a guardsman and is forewarned of the plague that befell Blackhaven. He is shown the way to Lord Black’s camp, and where he maybe able to further find out what this ‘Glowing Fear’ is about.

The groups is also stopped by a guardsman with the sigil of the Keepers of Blackhaven. He too forewarned them of the glowing fear. A sickness that brings out the evil that rests inside of every man. Reluctantly, the group is brought to the camp of Lord Black.

As, Resper, Ankrauser, Zerul, Hero & Umbron listen on to Lord Black’s tale, Lance explores the campsite. He meets a young stable boy name Motley. Lance questions Motley about Blackhaven. Instead Motley brings Lance to a hut away from the camp. There_ Lance_ meets a man named Bailey. After, a short exchange of words Bailey tells Lance of what the glowing fear is. He says that it is nothing but darkness in man brought out by the Old Gods because the children of the New Gods. He tells him that Blackhaven is the beginning.

Not having the body with them Lord Black decides to melt the medallion that Resper found in the body of Doren Black in a pyre to honor his son. As the last of the citizens pay their respects the group gather again under Lord Black’s tent to discuss their next course of action. As reported by the remaining Blackhaven guardsmen many days has passed that those men affected by the glowing fear has been congregating at the temple. Screams and shrieks has been heard every time they enter. Egos and common sense clash as Resper wanted to continue on to the town without proper rest and Lance suggesting against the order.

Ankrauser is no help, as that he too believes that it is the moment to strike. Resper and Ankrauser are blood related and are considered cousins. Blood is thicker than water.

Thankfully, common sense over rules stubbornness. Resper and the others retreat to their tents, and await the time they will act.

Episode 3: Engagement in the Woods

Faraway in Red Keep Grand Maester Pycelle watches King Robert look out into his kingdom. The Maesterr boldly, speaks his mind and asks the King if his decision to let the Young Lords into a certainly death filled mission into the Marshes was wise. Robert only shrugs and tells him that the Houses will welcome him for taking care of their bastards, and that they are more useful dead than alive.

As Resper amuses himself with the spectacle Hero senses the shadows watching them. He informs his Lord and they ready for battle. In another part of the woods Zerul & Umbron feels dread and eyes the shadows slowly surrounding them.

Suddenly, men in worn out padded armor rushes out from the woods and into the clearing. They seem to be rapid with rage as they swing their swords at the nearest noble. And from behind them walking slowly, taking their time are other men in brighter armor and cloaks soaked in blood. Steel rings into the night sky as the young nobles fight for their lives and possibly for the fate of Westeros.

Episode 2: Riding though the Darknesss

After a short meeting with the kingslayer, Jamie Lannister, the band is pointed towards the town of Blackhaven in the Dornish Marshes. Their commander Resper Baratheon, orders a night’s rest at the edge of the Kingwoods. Introductions were not needed as each of the young nobles went off on their own, making use of the time way from faces they did not know and would not want to know. But the quiet night did not keep still as that egos and mischievousness between the young lords started a small fight. In amusement of Resper, he let the young ones quarrel like drunkards in a bar fight, boasting their lineage and their skills. The shadows danced with glee as the band encircled the camp’s fire. Unknown to them that eyes followed each of them, their every step, their words and even their breath. Under the shadow of the forest’s embrace they were being watched.


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