Game of Thrones: In the Shadows Embrace

Episode 4: Blackhaven

Resper and the group finally defeats the men who ambushed them. Resper and Hero believes that one of the men is Doren Black, the son of the Keeper of Blackhaven Lord Garth Black. They examined the bodies and found green substance where blood was suppose to flow. Not one of them has ever seen such a thing. They decided to make sure that every single body was burned for the fear that what ever sickness these men had would not spread it into the neighbouring towns.

Resper orders Torres & Ajiron to report back to the Red Keep. They are to tell the King and the Small Court of what has happened in the outskirts of the Kingswood and most certainly in Blackhaven.

They ride hard for 3 1/2 days. Not stopping for food or even to piss. Lance was able to make it but Zerul seemed too tired to even mind his horse. He almost run over Hero as they suddenly stop at a hill overlooking Blackhaven.

At another location Ankrauser is summoned by the King to meet Resper at the outskirts of Blackhaven. He is there to help investigate a strange occurrence that has the whole Red Keep worried. He arrives at Blackhaven but is halted by a guardsman and is forewarned of the plague that befell Blackhaven. He is shown the way to Lord Black’s camp, and where he maybe able to further find out what this ‘Glowing Fear’ is about.

The groups is also stopped by a guardsman with the sigil of the Keepers of Blackhaven. He too forewarned them of the glowing fear. A sickness that brings out the evil that rests inside of every man. Reluctantly, the group is brought to the camp of Lord Black.

As, Resper, Ankrauser, Zerul, Hero & Umbron listen on to Lord Black’s tale, Lance explores the campsite. He meets a young stable boy name Motley. Lance questions Motley about Blackhaven. Instead Motley brings Lance to a hut away from the camp. There_ Lance_ meets a man named Bailey. After, a short exchange of words Bailey tells Lance of what the glowing fear is. He says that it is nothing but darkness in man brought out by the Old Gods because the children of the New Gods. He tells him that Blackhaven is the beginning.

Not having the body with them Lord Black decides to melt the medallion that Resper found in the body of Doren Black in a pyre to honor his son. As the last of the citizens pay their respects the group gather again under Lord Black’s tent to discuss their next course of action. As reported by the remaining Blackhaven guardsmen many days has passed that those men affected by the glowing fear has been congregating at the temple. Screams and shrieks has been heard every time they enter. Egos and common sense clash as Resper wanted to continue on to the town without proper rest and Lance suggesting against the order.

Ankrauser is no help, as that he too believes that it is the moment to strike. Resper and Ankrauser are blood related and are considered cousins. Blood is thicker than water.

Thankfully, common sense over rules stubbornness. Resper and the others retreat to their tents, and await the time they will act.



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