Game of Thrones: In the Shadows Embrace

Episode 3: Engagement in the Woods

Faraway in Red Keep Grand Maester Pycelle watches King Robert look out into his kingdom. The Maesterr boldly, speaks his mind and asks the King if his decision to let the Young Lords into a certainly death filled mission into the Marshes was wise. Robert only shrugs and tells him that the Houses will welcome him for taking care of their bastards, and that they are more useful dead than alive.

As Resper amuses himself with the spectacle Hero senses the shadows watching them. He informs his Lord and they ready for battle. In another part of the woods Zerul & Umbron feels dread and eyes the shadows slowly surrounding them.

Suddenly, men in worn out padded armor rushes out from the woods and into the clearing. They seem to be rapid with rage as they swing their swords at the nearest noble. And from behind them walking slowly, taking their time are other men in brighter armor and cloaks soaked in blood. Steel rings into the night sky as the young nobles fight for their lives and possibly for the fate of Westeros.



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