Game of Thrones: In the Shadows Embrace

Episode 2: Riding though the Darknesss

After a short meeting with the kingslayer, Jamie Lannister, the band is pointed towards the town of Blackhaven in the Dornish Marshes. Their commander Resper Baratheon, orders a night’s rest at the edge of the Kingwoods. Introductions were not needed as each of the young nobles went off on their own, making use of the time way from faces they did not know and would not want to know. But the quiet night did not keep still as that egos and mischievousness between the young lords started a small fight. In amusement of Resper, he let the young ones quarrel like drunkards in a bar fight, boasting their lineage and their skills. The shadows danced with glee as the band encircled the camp’s fire. Unknown to them that eyes followed each of them, their every step, their words and even their breath. Under the shadow of the forest’s embrace they were being watched.



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